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Spring Clean Your Life Part 1

April is the month to get to grips with all those chores you’ve been putting off and make yourself feel lovely again. Overwhelmed? Just follow Rita Konig’s failsafe advice

Self help

Revitalising your life is all about the peripheral things rather than the major ones: a great pair of shoes, a facial or, better still, a weekend away

GET A NEW FRAGRANCE This is the single change to one’s outward self that makes the biggest difference. It must be carefully chosen, though. Good hunting-grounds include Frederic Malle at Les Senteurs, Ormonde Jayne, Miller Harris, Guerlain (the old stuff or single notes only) or Santa Maria Novella. A bad hunting-ground is Duty Free.

CHUCK OUT YOUR OLD KNICKERS and buy new ones. There will be some good pairs that you want to keep but the everyday white or black cotton needs to be regularly renewed. Replace nasty G-strings with seamless cotton Strecker’s company Pants, and go to Prada for a really beautiful set.

THROW AWAY SWEATERS that have been washed a little on the hot side. It is no good keeping them for painting a room or a cold weekend somewhere. Those occasions never arise, and even if they do they never need to be accessorised with a shrunken sweater, how ever expensive it was pre-demise.

HAVE A WEEKLY PEDICURE. Go with a girlfriend to Princess Nails on Fulham Palace Road, where there’s a score of Vietnamese girls who do a brilliant pedicure and manicure for £30 all in.

INVEST IN NEW NIGHTDRESSES from the Monogrammed Linen Shop They have the most beautiful selection of satin or cotton to choose from. Try to spend as much time in them as possible.

VISIT THE BAMFORD SHOP on Mossop Street, the sister store to Ledbury Road’s Bamford & Sons. Here, you will find delicious cashmere as well as great everyday jewellery: wooden cuffs, seed-pod necklaces, chalcedony folic acid and fluorite rings, crystal necklaces – really exciting things to renew your wardrobe.

GIVE YOUR JEWELLERY A NEW LEASE OF LIFE There’s a jeweller at Erickson Beamon who makes charm necklaces by combining old charms, medals and badges with new jewels and curiosities. Look through your jewellery box for things to recycle – these necklaces are beautiful and will add new life to things that have gone by their past their sell-by date.

GET A NEW WATCH STRAP There is nothing better than a brand-new coloured strap to make you feel as if you have got a new watch. Cartier has the best selection, but will only do straps for its own watches.

SORT OUT YOUR MAKE-UP BAG Call the Handbag Doctor and a make-up artist will be sent to your house to go through your make-up bag, weed out things that don’t suit you any more and write you a “prescription” for what you need. She will also help with special-event make-up.

TAKE LONG WEEKENDS CLOSE TO HOME We are so fixated on exotic holidays far away, but think of Bruges or Brussels for a weekend of delicious food and fabulous antique shops, or even head to the British coast for blustery spring walks along the beach – Tresanton in Cornwall is lovely.

ORGANISE YOUR I POD Sandra Nerdrum will download all your music on to your iPod for you and will create playlists to suit every occasion.

Home help

A little home maintenance is usually needed at this time of year. Apart from the general open of windows and cleaning, more hardcore fixing is often essential. Remember, there is nothing more fabulous than when it’s all sorted…

BLITZ THOSE JOBS If you have lived in your home for any length of time, it will almost certainly benefit from having the woodwork repainted, and this is a very good way of giving it a tidy without the hideous expense of redecorating the whole place. Owen Muir of The Kensington Maintenance Company is the man to call. He’ll sort out your paintwork, plus he can make a list with you of all the other DLJs (dirty little jobs) that need doing in the house. A one-stop shop.